Friday, July 29, 2005

The Return of The Springfieldian

Back in 1992, a little underground newspaper called The Springfieldian started circulating around town. It had a small but loyal following that included some elected officials, city employees, media folks and interested ne'r-do-wells about town.

The Springfieldian was published somewhat irregularly for a few years before stopping with the infamous "Hammons Attacks" issue #9. A tenth issue was almost finished but never came to fruition.

Ozarks Angel has managed to come up with the entire collection of old Springfieldians and will publish some of our favorite pieces in upcoming weeks. The cartoons were some of the best ever published in this town. These cartoons are from issue #4.


Soprano2 said...

Gads those are hilarious. I liked "Rocky" when I was young, but now the very sound of it sends me running to change the dial to something, anything else.

RSmith said...

Rocky, I've never been in love before . . . Blorch!

Drew said...

Bravo! Please post more, my last copy of issue 9 was lost, Hammons Attacks. THANKS!

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