Wednesday, April 05, 2006

John Dean on George Bush

I found two interesting quotes from former Nixon White House counsel John Dean. You may recall the image of Dean being sworn in at the Senate Watergate hearings that ended with Nixon's resignation. Nixon had been ordering illegal wiretaps on American citizens in the name of national security, and he faced certain impeachment.

Fast forward thirty-three years and Dean returns to testify on the proposed presidential censure motion introduced by Senator Russ Feingold (D-Wisconsin).

He told the senators:

". . . I must add that never before have I felt the slightest reason to fear our government. Nor do I frighten easily. But I do fear the Bush/Cheney government (and the precedents they are creating) because this administration is caught up in the rectitude of its own self- righteousness, and for all practical purposes this presidency has remained largely unchecked by its constitutional coequals."

Dean also published an article called "Bush's Unprecedented Arrogance" in Here's an excerpt:

"In the end, this issue is going to be resolved by the 2006 midterm election. If Republicans lose control of either the House or Senate, the investigations of the Bush/Cheney White House will begin. It won't be pretty. It will make dealing with lying about sex look like High School hazing. It will even make Richard Nixon look like a piker when it comes to staying within the law."

Of course, here in the Ozarks, we'll send Roy Blunt back to Congress with the assurance that he'll do whatever he can to obstruct any such investigations. Our man in Washington.


Jake Porter said...

I fear the loss of our civil liberties, our national debt, and the destruction of our Constitution.

If conservatives want to send a message to Roy Blunt they can cast their vote for someone like Kevin Craig.

RSmith said...

What about liberals? What can Libertarian candidates offer to pissed off democrats?

Jake Porter said...

I guess my question would have to be, what do you want from government?

And are there any issues that you are angry with the Democrats over? If so what are they?

Citizenkan said...

Well, I'll answer that one jake.

YES! I'm pissed off at the Democrats! They can't organize themselves to save their lives. The state and national parties don't give any support to local candidates unless they are ASSURED of a win. They don't have a cohesive party platform. They have become afraid of their own shadows. They don't stand for anything anymore. They need to clean up the entitlement programs and be better stewards of the people's monies.

I, too, fear the loss of the same things you do, Jake, but Kevin Craig comes across as some sort of throw-back. Mitch Potts would be the better choice for conservatives, if only they weren't so intolerant of the "personal issues."

Besides, Congress could use some severe shaking up, as well as some new blood! Let Roy know that even a transexual would be a better choice than what we've currently got!

Now THAT would be a message!

RSmith said...

Citizenkan, you say it well. The Democrats have become so damn careful to not offend or be seen as unpatriotic, they have virtually castrated themselves (all apologies to Ms. McCaskill).

If you want to read something uttering ridiculous, read Kevin Craig's views on education on his campaign website. Public schools promote atheism? Sounds to me like he's pandering to our SW Missouri righteous-wingers to me. I wrote a comment on Jake's blog and was going to publish part of it here - never got around to it.

We're in a severe political drought right now. I watched John Kerry on Meet the Press Sunday - could barely stand it, was awful. Feingold, Harkin and Murtha are the only ones making sense, and nobody is backing them.

Citizenkan said...

How about Joe Biden?

RSmith said...

Biden would be fine with me. He's a plain speaker, which would be a big improvement after Kerry.

At this point, I wouldn't mind if Gore became more visible.

I sincerely hope Hillary stays in the Senate.

Citizenkan said...

Gore would be great in my opinion also. We're doomed if Hillary gets the nod.

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