Sunday, January 22, 2006

Images of the Dead

Abortion will once again be a huge distraction in coming weeks as legislators wrestle with the parental consent issue - yet another attempt by fundamentalists to strip away by layers the laws that protect the privacy of pregnant women in America. A big anti-abortion rally is scheduled tomorrow in Washington with a plan to march on Congress and the Supreme Court, placards raised high.

The politics of life and death in this country are hard to understand. How the government, political movements and media deal with the images of death reveals an odd juxtapositioning.

Christian fundamentalists, for instance, revel in the bloody images of Christ, but they also use the image of an aborted fetus to bludgeon the public into understanding what they see as the true nature of abortion.

But where is the outrage when sensitized pro-life proponents come across images of Iraqi children whose bodies have been blown apart by bombs? Why are these images considered anti-war propaganda? A dead Iraqi child is just not their issue of choice, I guess.

And how can our government protect the rights of abortion protesters foisting obscene images upon women entering clinics but steadfastly refuse to let photographers capture the pristine image of caskets containing the remains of American soldiers returning from war overseas?

Three takes on Perception Management.


LLFischer said...

Your blog is biased and misinformed. There are, as I write, Catholic peace protesters in jail because they opposed the Iraq war and spoke out in defense of others and their own consciences, just as there will likely be Catholics jailed for protesting for the lives of the unborn. The so-called "pro-choice" protestor in San Francisco objected to the protests of the Pro-Lifers with slogans such as "Bigots, go home". They don't wan't people other than themselves to have a voice. I guess that means that they aren't really for a choice, are they?
Food for thought: The Nazis jailed the Catholic Centre Party members who spoke out and opposed the reich -- because they stood up for the Jews and the little guy, as well as the landowners. In retailiation, Nazis shut them up, overran the press with propaganda against the evil Catholic priests, and confiscated Catholic lands and universities, as Stella Matutina.

Not all consciences agree, but your comments are biased, inaccurate, and unkind.

Citizenkan said...

Biased and misinformed? What are you reading? I will agree that it's not nice to use the bigot card against pro-lifers.

I want pro-lifers to have a voice. I just don't want them to be MY voice. Big difference.

Where are the jailed Catholic peace protesters you mentioned? Surely not here in the USA?

M said...

It is legendary how most anti-choice people are also pro-war and pro-death penalty, yet when anyone calls them on this, they show the world this handful of protesters who do not fit this profile. These anti-war/anti-choice people are the exception, not the rule.

It reminds me of the Republican convention, when they pulled out every moderate they could find to give the speeches. "See how reasonable we are?"

LLFischer said...

Some Catholic war protesters received stiffer sentences than the Army Interrogator sentenced for murdering a detainee today.

Citizenkan said...


You obviously operate in yet another realm of religious "justification."

I've always believed it's much more difficult to make a point when it involves breaking the law.

I'm a fanatic about the environment, but I wouldn't partake in eco-terrorism to prove it.

meghan said...

i have been reading your blog and would like to ask your advice on life in springfield as a liberal- i am being considered for a job at Missouri State and am honestly concerned about moving to springfield - more than a liberal, i am also gay and open about it and i am not a christian
is there anyway i could live there?
i'd appreciate an honest answer please! thank you for your time!

RSmith said...


By all means, don't allow my depiction of Springfield to dissuade you from accepting a job offer here. Anybody that has lived here any length of time knows this is a very conservative community, but it's also growing and changing. I think you'll find there are many kind and generous people living here, regardless of their faith or politics. I definitely wouldn't rule Springfield out as a place to live. And it wouldn't hurt to have another Democrat moving in.

Anonymous said...

I won't tell you not to move here, because it can be a really nice place to live, but you do have to put up with a lot of conservative bs. There are getting to be enough liberals around here that although our views are not widely accepted, you can find people of like mind. good luck with whatever you do.

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