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Blunt Faces Transexual Opponent in Primary

The same day we run a story about the politics of manliness, I run across this odd bit of news. Our own manly 7th District representative, Roy Blunt, faces a primary challenger nobody could have expected.

Ms. Midge Potts, 37, the state's first openly transgender candidate, has filed to run against Congressman Blunt in the upcoming Republican primary. I first saw this while looking through The Turner Report, which linked us to today's rather lengthy St. Louis Post-Dispatch article (another swing-and-a-miss for the News-Leader).

Potts, a Navy Gulf War veteran when her name was Mitchell Potts, chose to run as a Republican because she believes in "the party's traditional platform of financial conservatism, states' rights and a strong national defense. She is pushing for term limits, debt reduction and building up the National Guard." She is, however, opposed to the War in Iraq and has been arrested a couple of times while protesting.

But how is she on the Republican manliness thing? Somehow I don't see the GOP family values crowd embracing this candidate - or even shaking hands.

See the Potts for Congress website at:


Citizenkan said…
I'll be voting Republican in the primary!
Jake Porter said…
This will certainly be an interesting race to watch.
RSmith said…
Yeah, Blunt faces a line of circus acts here. I don't mean to sound nasty, but Jeez-Louise. There is no real primary challenge, which is to be expected, but you'd think that 7th District Democrats could have done a little better.

Why didn't Harpool give it a shot? If you're going to run a campaign, might as well try to fill the void. Well, in a sense, he would be filling a void if he replaced Aunt Norma. But it's now sadly apparent that local democrats were grasping at air in trying to draft Kreider. Kreider didn't want to run - end of story.

I can't imagine Blunt debating anybody or even responding to issues they raise. He's got the podium. Why risk getting shown up by Joe Shmoe.
Citizenkan said…
If Blunt had had the guts to debate Newberry in 04, he would've had his ass handed to him.

Instead, Roy made sure there would be no KY3 live debate like his son had with Claire.
Actually, Blunt did reluctantly debate Newberry in 2004, but neither one was on live tv.

The second one was live on KSMU radio however.

Still, Roy Blunt does everything he can to avoid defending his record. He represents his corporate contributors much better than he represents his constituents!

Check out for the scoop on Roy's antics!

Yeah... maybe Roy Blunt is afraid to debate me!
RSmith said…
I'd definitely vote for Potts over Blunt or Keving Craig, for that matter - and I admire Potts for challenging local voters to address some issues outside their comfort zone.

You are preaching to the choir, Midge, when you speak out against Blunt's real corporate constituents. I hope you lay it on as thick as you can throughout the campaign - if nothing else, maybe you can educate some of the good folks around here about Roy's little dalliance with political corruption - lord knows the local media isn't going to volunteer anything.

I recently wrote a letter-to-editor about Blunt's unethical activities. The NL called me to verify but never printed anything.

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