Saturday, May 14, 2005

Ashcroft Estates

There is a new subdivision in North Springfield. Ashcroft Estates - named after Springfield's favorite son.

That's right. If you would like the comforts of Ozarks living along with repressed sexuality, imagined persecution and trumped up paranoia, Ashcroft Estates is the place for you.

Located North on Grant past I-44 and Hillcrest High School, Turn Right (of course) on Farm Road 96 and follow to Farm Road 159.

You can't miss it. Look for the fully-clothed, flag draped statues! Starting at $144,000.


Anonymous said...

"Let the eagle soar, like she's never soared before..."


Anonymous said...

Wow. What a rude disrepectful description and comment. Is it that only the conservatives commanded to not have an opinion, to be "tolerant" and loving and the rest of you are to always have it your way?

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